Roman Avdeev


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I was born in Odintsovo, Moscow Region on July 17, 1967. That’s where I spent my childhood and finished school. I still live there.


I went to Odintsovo school № 3 from 1974 to 1984. At first I didn’t do very well, but the last two years were much better as I became more self-aware and motivated.


I entered Moscow Power Engineering Institute’s Heat Power Faculty. My choice of university was rather random. Back then, I was all into radio electronics, and wouldn’t think of anything but engineering.


My compulsory two-year draft started in 1986. I served two years in a construction battalion in Kostroma as a secretary of the commander and, at the same time, as a janitor.


I returned home from the army in the spring of 1988. I was 21. By that time I was already married and fathered a son, which left me no choice but to work while still studying. I went on as a day-time student, did research at my department. But at night I worked as a watchman and washed floors in a vocational school.


As soon as the Soviet Union legalised private entrepreneurship, I set up a small business of my own. We traded decoders and Sinclairs in Moscow and regions, began cooperation with Ukrainian «Elektronmash» factory, imported computers.


It was around that time that I let in the idea of banking as a business in its own right. By the way, I still think of banking as an interesting and promising business. Soon enough the Credit Bank of Moscow was bought, which back then was little more than a package of documents, plus an office and fourteen employees.


I started agricultural business in the parallel of the bank. At that moment I saw undervalued of this business and gradually began to acquire assets. By 2006, large agricultural holding «Chernozemie» was formed, including sugar mills, and agricultural land At that time, we did not see any significant growth prospects capitalization of the business and we sold it for a quite good price.


Around this time, I was seriously interested in philosophy and went from reading popular books and aphorisms to the study of classical texts.


I bought retail network «Capital» in the early 2000’s. At that period Russian retail was arising and we saw lots of perspective in this business line. In the 2003 we decided to sell this business because good price was suggested for this active.


I adopted my first two children. At that moment I realized that helping orphan homes was unfortunately ineffective. The system of orphan homes is such that they are not able to prepare children for adult life.


I became chairman of the Moscow Credit Bank. I believe that the shareholder should not interrupt in the work of the bank. But that time I had to take full responsibility, to strengthen the team and raise corporate spirit. After 10 months, I realized that my mission is completed and occupied observant position.


I woke, turned on the cell phone, and the first message was: «Congratulations, Grandpa!» These words opened next phase of my life.

It is very important for a man to become a person.
He must learn how to determine what is good
and what is bad. If this has occurred,
the most important — freedom, happiness, love —
will produce of his abilities.
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