Unique educational project about modern science and the scientists who create it

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Association of Experts in the Field of Education, Science and Enlightenment “PostNauka Publishing House” is a unique educational project about modern science and the scientists who create it.

Today PostScience unites:
– the eponymous online edition (,
– PostNauka.Specials communication agency,
– Serious Science (in English) (,
– PostNauka.Academy event division,
– book project The Post-Science Library
– Post-Science Post, where scientists, educators, and journalists meet live.

Official site of the project:

russian and foreign scientists from various fields of science
Nobel Prize Winners
materials: video lectures, articles, tests, cartoons

Foundation year: 2012
Project partners: Roman Avdeev and Ivar Maksutov

The authors of video lectures, reviews, longrids, and other materials are scientists themselves who tell the first facts about the basic facts and questions of scientific theories, their own research and technologies that change our lives. Together with the scientists, educational cartoons for children and adults, game tests and partner special projects are created.

Thematic coverage is the widest: natural, exact, applied, social and humanities.

The audience of sites, YouTube-channel and pages of PostScience in social networks exceeds 4.8 million unique users per month. These are educated people interested in additional knowledge and ready to learn complex material.


There is such a thing as “life communication”, that is, life-long education. When a person goes to school, it seems that he will study there for 11 years and even years of study at the university, and this will end the educational process. But in reality, a person who is interested, is curious is in the process of education his entire adult life. Investment in science, in its popularization is an investment in social progress. This is an investment in the future of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Obviously, science does not stand still; it is dynamic in its development. 100 years ago there was one picture of the world, now it is completely different. Science is good because no final point of view, truth can be achieved.

Roman Avdeev about “PostNauka”

Award "Enlightener" in the nomination "Humanities"
Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of media
Awards of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the category "The best Internet project about science"
The first prize of the international competition of Internet entrepreneurship CER Internet Entrepreneurs Prize