Investment holding company



Limited liability company ROSSIUM Concern was created in 2006.

At present, this is a versatile, diversified investment holding company whose focus areas include: finance, real estate development, mineral resources extraction, agriculture, commercial property and pharmaceutics.

The official website:

2,3 tln. rub
Consolidated total assets (under IFRS) as at 30 June 2018
10,5 bln. rub.
Consolidated net profit (under IFRS) for 6m 2018
197,8 bln. rub.
Total equity (under IFRS) as at 30 June 2018 (including non-controlling interest stakes)

PJSC CREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW has always been the Group’s key asset. ROSSIUM Concern owns a 56.83% stake in the Bank and controls the Bank’s business through an efficient corporate governance system.

Strategic goal of ROSSIUM Concern is to create an attractive liquid asset portfolio, to ensure sustainable growth of shareholder value and to provide efficient asset management.

ROSSIUM Concern’s long-term strategy includes plans to increase the core capital of PJSC Credit Bank of Moscow by capitalising the Bank’s retained earnings and to invest funds into acquisition of new businesses which are likely to provide a high shareholder value growth at a 3-to-5-year horizon.

Our Mission:

The mission of ROSSIUM Concern is to become an excellent investment company that is able to ensure sustainable growth of shareholder value of the assets held and to achieve high financial targets through creating an attractive liquid asset portfolio and providing efficient asset management and risk management and diversification.

Our Vision

Key medium-term strategic development objectives of ROSSIUM Concern:
Focus on strategic industry investments that provide returns higher than the long-term cost of borrowing.
Maximising shareholder value and generating dividend inflow through having the Group’s key assets become industry (niche) leaders.
Building an efficient control system by applying latest corporate governance methods.